Best catering ever! Food was awesome and service was excellent. They did an excellent job finding the perfect match between what we liked and what we wanted for our wedding and for our guests.


I can’t say enough about the team at Inedit Gourmet!!! There were fabulous!!! All our guests were delighted with their food, and asked us for their business card. We were happy to supply everyone with one. They don’t only make amazing food, but their sense of humor and joyful manner made a difference at our wedding. I would recommend the with my eyes closed. They are amazing!! They serve international food, and you can plan your menu with them. They also adapt to make your dreams come true. Their wedding website is www.ineditgourmet.com


The best catering ever, the best people and the best service! 5 stars for all the people who worked in my wedding , we only received thanks from our wedding guests regarding the food and the attention they’ve received from Inedit! The best option for your celebration!


When it comes to selecting catering vendors for an event of such magnitude as “your Wedding” every detail matters. At least that was our case, we wanted espectacular food, and outstanding service, we knew that if we were able to achieve this our wedding would also be memorable to our dear invitees! Inedit Gourmet with their personalized client service, amazing menu, perfect serve and top notch personnel made this wish a reality! To date when we remember our special date among friends and family the food subject always stands out making us feel that we made the best decision and truly had an unforgetable wedding!


I married an italian, so food was extremely important to his family on our wedding day. We came across Inedit Gourmet online, and as soon as we called them, they were giving us ideas and showing a lot of interest on our wedding. They almost seemed as exited as we were. We met, and it was a perfect match. We sat with them, built a menu, and tried their food. It was love at first bite!! I can not say enough about their fabulous food, and its presentation. Our guests where delighted, they even asked me for Indedit’s phone number after the wedding. We just could not be more pleased!! We wanted to thank Inedit Gourmet and their team for their professionalism, care and the attention that they had with us and our guests.
Inedit Gourmet will always be our first catering choice!

Camila Rossi

Last December 21st, I hired Inedit Gourmet for my son’s wedding, their food, service and presentation were absolutely excellent. All the guests complimented us on how delicious and beautiful everything was, in fact, Inedit got at least 10 new clients after sampling their food and service that night.

His staff is impeccably dressed and very polite, the service was excellent, everyone was very well served and the serving of the food and hors d’oeuvres was paced in perfect timing.

The owner and chef, Jose Antonio Marmol carried out his culinary studies in Barcelona Spain and has ample experience in food preparation and party organization. Orlando, his right hand, was always extremely helpful and didn’t spare any opportunity to satisfy all my requests.

I absolutely recommend Inedit Gourmet to anyone who is planning a party, wedding or any event large or small because I am sure that they will very pleased with Inedit’s food and services.


Inedit Gourmet catered the reception for my wedding this past May which we held outdoors at my home. The food was unbelievable – asado negro, torta de platano, souffle de maiz – every dish was flavorful and flawlessly executed. The service was also excellent – the chef took the time to explain all the typical Venezuelan dishes to our guests, many of which were American and were trying Latin food for the first time. Everyone (including my Venezuelan family) was blown away by how great the food was.

I really can’t recommend Inedit highly enough – I’m a food lover and having great dishes at my wedding was really important to me. This is a no-brainer!


My husband is from Venezuela and I’m Brazilian. For our wedding, we wanted a caterer that could represent our countries delicious flavors! Jose Antonio delivered it perfectly! Besides delicious, his food is very well presented! All our families and friends were fascinated by the tequenos and ceviche! Thank you so much, Jose!

Larissa Piazzi

The detail in every little thing, the amazing customer service, the experience overall plus the best food in Miami makes this company one to remember. For me one of the most important things is to feel like you are working with friends that would do almost anything for you and this is exactly the case.
Jose and Oscar are truly an amazing team and together with their servers and cooks give you the best experience any bride could wish for. I had peace of mind all day long and enjoyed their service so much it is my number one go to catering and recommendation for anyone getting married, celebrating a family event or even a private dinner.
Love every time I go to an event and see them around, I know I’m up for an amazing experience for sure!